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Crystal Productions Instructional Ceramic Poster Set, 17 X 22 in, Set of 14

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Crystal Productions Ceramics Poster Set includes various 14 posters measuring 17 in x 22 in that illustrates and explains the basic ceramic techniques, providing a handy reference for students. Each poster printed on heavy cardstock uses step-by-step color photographs to show hand placement for various techniques as well as cut forms that offer a cross section view along with examples of finished works by leading ceramists. Poster features a protective UV coating along with a hole for convenient hanging. Set includes titles namely Wedging, Pinch Pots, 2 each of Coil Building, 2 each of Slab Construction, Hump Molds, 3 each of Centering & Throwing, Trimming, Profiles of Pots, Glazing and Bisque & Glaze Firing.
  • Includes: (1) Wedging Clay, (1) Pinch Pots, (1) Coil Construction I, (1) Coil Construction II, (1) Slab Construction I, (1) Slab Construction II, (1) Hump Molds, (1) Centering and Throwing I, (1) Centering and Throwing II, (1) Centering and Throwing III, (1) Trimming, (1) Profiles of Pots, (1) Glazing, (1) Bisque and Glaze Firing

  • (1) Wedging Clay
  • (1) Pinch Pots
  • (1) Coil Construction I
  • (1) Coil Construction II
  • (1) Slab Construction I
  • (1) Slab Construction II
  • (1) Hump Molds
  • (1) Centering and Throwing I
  • (1) Centering and Throwing II
  • (1) Centering and Throwing III
  • (1) Trimming
  • (1) Profiles of Pots
  • (1) Glazing
  • (1) Bisque and Glaze Firing