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Creative Teaching Press Itty Bitty Phonics Readers Variety Pack

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This Itty Bitty Phonics Readers Variety Pack makes reading fun and affordable. Teachers and parents alike will find the clear text and attractive line drawings perfect for beginning readers. Great for ESL/ELL! Grades K to 1, 10 pages each. Set of 36 includes 1 each of the following books: What Is In Bear's Box?; I Can Count; Daisy Dances; What Is Funny?; Good-bye!; Hurry Up, Henry; J is for...; Little Lemon Lollipops; Monkey Made a Mess; No, No, Nicky!; Picnic at the Park; Quiet, Please!; Rock-and-Roll Rabbit; Sally and Sammy; Tick-Tock Time; Vinny's Book of V; What Is the Weather?; Little Zebra; Dan Can Add; Rex and Tex Out West; Little Miss Jill; Dot's Spots; Bud in the Mud; Dan and Dot; Dan and Dot's Rainy Day; Rex and Tex's Creepy Creatures; Bud's Book of Five; Jill's Toad; You Can, Too!; See What We Can Do!; The Story of Stone Stew; Creepy Creatures; Shy Sheep; The Grizzle, Grumpy, Grouchy Grog; Charlie; and The Blob.
  • Includes 1 each of the following titles: 3216 what is in Bear's Box?, 3217 I can count, 3218 Daisy Dances, 3219 what is Funny?, 3220 Good-bye!, 3221 Hurry up, Henry, 3222 J is for..., 3223 little Lemon Lollipops, 3224 Monkey made a Mess, 3225 no, no, Nicky!, 3226 Picnic at the Park, 3227 Quiet, Please!, 3228 Rock-and-Roll Rabbit, 3229 Sally and Sammy, 3230 Tick-Tock time, 3231 Vinny's book of V, 3232 what is the Weather?, 3233 little Zebra, 3234 Dan can add, 3235 Rex and Tex Out West, 3236 little Miss Jill, 3237 Dot's Spots, 3238 Bud in the Mud, 3239 Dan and Dot, 3240 Dan and Dot's Rainy day, 3241 Rex and Tex's Creepy Creatures, 3242 Bud's book of five, 3243 Jill's Toad, 3244 you can, Too!, 3245 see what We can Do!, 3246 the story of Stone Stew, 3247 Creepy Creatures, 3248 Shy Sheep, 3249 the Grizzle, Grumpy, Grouchy Grog, 3250 Charlie, and 3251 the Blob