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Spiral Accel Air 1 Packaging System, Each

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The AccelAir 1 Air Packaging Machine represents a revolution in packaging. This small industrial packaging system allows you to make air cushions and bubble wraps at 9 feet per minute, on demand to meet all your shipping needs without having to store bulky packing materials. Save money by making your own air pillows and bubble wraps for your packing and shipping needs. Using a AccelAir 1 is an economical alternative to buying cushion wraps and loose fill peanuts. The compact design fits on table tops, no more wasted space storing bulky packing materials and dealing with messy and environment unfriendly packing peanuts. The AccelAir 1 machine is dependable, portable, easy to use, saving both money and storage space. AccelAir 1 films are manufactured with High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) which is extremely strong against impact, abrasion resistant, and exhibits a low coefficient of friction. These films are ecologically friendly as they are recyclable, and the material is also moisture, stain, and odor resistant. AccelAirPacking Materials are available in two types: Air Pillows or Bubble Pad Air Tube. Single Air Pillows are designed for void fill applications in mind, each roll of film makes 2,700 pieces of air pillows 7.8 inches x 3.9 inches (200x100 mm). Bubble Pad Air Tubes can be used for void fill but are also used for cushion to wrap materials in. Each roll of Bubble Pad Air Tube produces 1,350 pieces 15.75 inches x 11.4 inches (400x290mm). Rolls of material are pre-perforated into sections allowing you to use as much or as little packaging materials as you need. Replacement Cutting Blade use the OLFA # 1160B 30-degree angle blade. Each.
  • Max Speed: 9-1/2 feet/minute (3 meters/min.)
  • Special Tension Roller design to back up smooth film running
  • Compact, can be moved to location needed
  • Make Cushion Size and Shape required on demand
  • Warm Up Time: 3 Minutes
  • Sleep Mode: after 2 hours non-use